Working together to leverage the unique strengths of different industries to create a robust and dynamic tech ecosystem.

Global IME bank

Global IME Bank is a proud sustainability partner of NAS-IT, dedicated to fostering Nepal’s growth as a global tech hub. With a strong commitment to the development of the tech industry, Global IME Bank supports inter-industry collaboration and economic advancement through strategic financial initiatives. As a partner, Global IME Bank plays a pivotal role in ensuring the long-term financial stability of NAS-IT’s sustainability goals, contributing to the creation of a robust and innovative tech ecosystem in Nepal.

Sustainability Partners

NAS-IT’s Sustainability Partners are organizations or entities that share our vision of transforming Nepal into a Global Tech Hub. These partners are committed to the growth of Nepal’s tech industry and aim to foster inter-industry collaboration for the overall economic development of the country. By working together, we can leverage the unique strengths of each partner to create a robust and dynamic tech ecosystem. These partnerships are not just limited to the tech sector; they encompass educational institutions, government bodies, financial institutions, and international organizations that recognize the potential of Nepal’s tech industry and are dedicated to nurturing its growth. Our partners play a crucial role in mentoring startups, providing technological expertise, and facilitating access to global markets, thereby ensuring a holistic development approach.

Sustainability Fund

The Sustainability Fund is an initiative designed to ensure a long-term financial foundation for NAS-IT’s sustainability goals through strategic partnerships. This fund is pivotal in supporting projects that drive innovation, promote research and development, and enhance the overall tech landscape in Nepal. The fund seeks contributions from a diverse range of stakeholders, including private investors, corporate sponsors, and philanthropic organizations. By maintaining a steady and reliable financial base, the Sustainability Fund enables NAS-IT to plan and execute long-term projects, ensuring that the initiatives undertaken are sustainable and impactful. The fund also emphasizes transparency and accountability, with regular reporting on the utilization of resources to build trust and encourage continued support from partners and contributors.

Objectives of the Sustainability Fund

Generate a reliable source of income to support NAS-IT’s long-term sustainability

Ensuring consistent financial inflows to back ongoing and future projects, thus enabling NAS-IT to achieve its vision without financial constraints.

Build relationships with key partners through annual sponsorship opportunities

Cultivating strong, ongoing partnerships with key industry players, fostering a collaborative environment that benefits all stakeholders.

Promote innovation and research

Funding cutting-edge projects and research initiatives that push the boundaries of technology and contribute to the advancement of the tech industry in Nepal.

Support startups and small businesses

Providing financial assistance and resources to emerging tech companies, enabling them to grow, innovate, and contribute to the economy.

Enhance education and skill development

Investing in educational programs and training initiatives to develop a skilled workforce capable of meeting the demands of a rapidly evolving tech industry.