Defining The Next
Generation Of Tech
Companies In Nepal

NAS-IT, a not-for-profit organization, aims to empower Nepal’s software and IT industry by promoting innovation, entrepreneurship, and professionalism in the sector. The organization strives to create an environment that encourages growth and development of the industry by advocating for favorable policies and regulations, fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing among industry players, and providing training and capacity building programs to enhance the skills of professionals in the industry.


To Elevate Nepal As A Global Tech Hub


Drive Nepal’s IT sector by fostering innovation, entrepreneurship, collaboration and creating opportunities for members to succeed in a global marketplace.

Our Key Objectives

Advocacy & Policy

Engaging in advocacy and policy work by promoting member’s interests, advocating for supportive policies and regulations, and collaborating with government and other stakeholders to create a more favorable business environment that supports innovation and growth of the industry.

Innovation &

Providing support to startups and entrepreneurs, facilitating networking and collaboration, offering education and training, advocating for supportive policies, facilitating technology transfer, providing guidance on intellectual property protection, and supporting commercialization efforts.

Domestic Market

Promoting local businesses, increasing awareness of Made-in-Nepal products and services, supporting the implementation of the Digital Nepal Framework, and creating a secure and thriving digital environment in Nepal.

International Market

Promoting the export of products and services to new markets, conducting research and analysis, providing export education and resources, organizing and participating in trade shows, developing partnerships, advocating for supportive policies and regulations, and addressing barriers to entry and competition in foreign markets.


Providing education, training, and certification programs, promoting diversity and inclusion, developing apprenticeship and internship opportunities, conducting workforce research and analysis, engaging with employers and academia, advocating for supportive policies and regulations, and forming partnerships and collaborations to advance shared goals.

and Partnership

Cultivating strategic alliances and fostering partnerships with industry stakeholders, government bodies, and international organizations to promote knowledge exchange, facilitate technological advancements, and drive collaborative initiatives that contribute to the overall growth and sustainability of the IT industry in Nepal.

Our Executive Committee is composed of prominent IT leaders in Nepal.

Our dedicated team of secretaries plays a crucial role in the operations of NAS-IT.