From humble beginnings to a strong community, NAS-IT is leading the way in collaboration and innovation for the betterment of the software and IT services industry.

Kumari Bank

Kumari Bank Limited (KBL), our esteemed partner, stands as a beacon of financial support and innovation. KBL is at the forefront of providing no collateral working capital revolving loans to NAS-IT members. Through strategic partnerships like ours, Kumari Bank continues to redefine the landscape of financial services, ensuring that businesses thrive and prosper in the dynamic world of technology and innovation.

IIDS (Institute for Integrated Development Studies)

IIDS, a leading research institute, has unveiled a groundbreaking report, “Unleashing IT: Advancing Nepal’s Digital Economy,” in collaboration with NAS-IT. The report delves into Nepal’s tech sector, offering crucial insights for stakeholders and policymakers. IIDS’s commitment to innovation and strategic partnerships, such as with NAS-IT, positions them as key contributors to Nepal’s evolving digital landscape.