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  • Kumari Bank

    Kumari Bank

    Kumari Bank Limited (KBL), our esteemed partner, stands as a beacon of financial support and innovation. KBL is at the forefront of providing no collateral working capital revolving loans to NAS-IT members. Through strategic partnerships like ours, Kumari Bank continues to redefine the landscape of financial services, ensuring that businesses thrive and prosper in the…

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  • IIDS (Institute for Integrated Development Studies)

    IIDS (Institute for Integrated Development Studies)

    IIDS, a leading research institute, has unveiled a groundbreaking report, “Unleashing IT: Advancing Nepal’s Digital Economy,” in collaboration with NAS-IT. The report delves into Nepal’s tech sector, offering crucial insights for stakeholders and policymakers. IIDS’s commitment to innovation and strategic partnerships, such as with NAS-IT, positions them as key contributors to Nepal’s evolving digital landscape.

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