Nepal Association for Software and IT Services Companies (NAS-IT) Hosts Landmark Event Elevating Nepal’s Tech Profile Globally

In a monumental move to fortify Nepal’s position as a global tech powerhouse, the Nepal Association for Software and IT Services Companies (NAS-IT) hosted a groundbreaking event titled “Navigating Growth: Strategies for Startup Ecosystems and Asia Pacific Expansion.” Esteemed panelists hailed from across the globe, bringing diverse expertise and perspectives to the forefront.

The distinguished panel included:

  1. Fulvio Inserra (CEO & MD, The Mastermind Group, Australia)
  2. Prof. CK Farn (Professor, National Central University, Chinese Taipei)
  3. Ruwan Amarasekara (Consultant, Digital Technology Transformation, Sri Lanka)
  4. Stan Singh (Founder/Principal Consultant, IronHorse Asia Sdn Bhd, Malaysia)

The event included a diverse audience comprising international delegates, government officials, private sector representatives, and academia, served as a catalyst for forging invaluable connections and fostering potential future collaborations.

NAS-IT played host to the prestigious APICTA Exco Meeting, marking the first-ever occurrence of this gathering in Nepal. Held at the ALOFT Kathmandu Thamel, this meeting welcomed tech luminaries from an impressive array of 16 countries spanning the Asia Pacific region. The Asia Pacific ICT Alliance (APICTA) is a preeminent regional organization dedicated to propelling technological innovation and collaboration among member economies. NAS-IT’s pivotal membership in APICTA positions Nepal prominently on the global tech stage, facilitating the cultivation of international partnerships and markets for Nepali tech enterprises.

The event was a resounding success, with the panel discussion, expertly moderated by Bibhusan Bista, Executive President of Young Innovations, delving into critical topics aimed at empowering attendees. Discussions revolved around building vibrant startup ecosystems, surmounting challenges encountered by expanding startups, devising successful growth strategies, drawing inspiration from triumphs of regional startups, identifying burgeoning sectors and tech trends, and catalyzing innovation through strategic partnerships.

Additionally, NAS-IT’s Vice President has announced the launch of the inaugural NAS-IT Awards, a groundbreaking initiative set to recognize excellence in technology and provide winners with a direct pathway to the prestigious APICTA Awards, offering unparalleled global exposure and networking opportunities. Aligned with NAS-IT’s mission to drive innovation and connect with the global tech community, the NAS-IT Awards mark a significant step forward in advancing technological excellence and fostering collaboration across borders. Interested organization can register through the link:

NAS-IT is Nepal’s leading non-profit organization, dedicated to the advancement of the nation’s software and IT industry. Their core objectives encompass advocacy, fostering innovation, market development, empowering the workforce, and fostering collaboration. Through these initiatives, NAS-IT is well on its way to achieving its vision of Nepal as a prominent player in the global tech landscape.

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