1st AGM and 1st Election 

Nepal Association for Software and I.T. Services Companies (NAS-IT) held its first Annual General Meeting (AGM) at Hyatt Place, Kathmandu on 8th September 2023 Friday. The event centered around the presentation of the annual report, audited financial statements for the fiscal year 2079/80, and forecasted budget.

Richan Shrestha was elected as the President, Santosh Koirala as the Vice President, Deepen Chapagain as the General Secretary, and Abhaya Poudel as the Treasurer. Additionally, Alisha Shrestha, Gaurav Pandey, Kailash Bijayananda, Narayan Koirala, and Prarthana Saakha were elected as Executive members. Following the election, the newly elected President and the Executive Committee took the oath. 

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